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I. Introduction Wink

Quad began three years ago from the merging of two premier all-healers guild in the game called Khan Online, HyperMickolony and Archangels. In this new chapter of the clan's growth, we moved from our home to this Perfect World of Serpent Server.

Quad is a clan with diverse backgrounds: some working, some studentsücbut one in mind and heart. Here, friendship is valued more than in-game strength and members treat each other as a family. Even in its Khan days, the clanüfs goal is to be a good example in the community. The clan does its best to make a name in the community so that when people see Quad, they are really seeing Quad in-game.

If you are a sociable person looking for lots of chatting while playing and looking for people with a lot of "sense and substance" then Quad is the clan for you. Despite our seemingly formal rules and declarations we are a laid back bunch who love playing the game with respect and good clean fun. We are looking for people with good heart, nice attitude, and can be a nice role model for the Perfect World community.

In real life we often hold EB's, watch an occasional movie together and we hold our annual Christmas Party. We are friends in-game and in real life. We want you to be our friend also so join the ranks of the Quad.

Soar High Quad! cheers

II. Clan Rules and Regulations Surprised

A. Membership Laughing

Quad is currently implementing a "member-get-member" policy. Registered members can nominate their friends into HyperAngels by posting an application form in their behalf. Details can be seen here

Acceptance of members will be deliberated by the clan officers. If there are no issues concerning the nominee, he or she can be invited as soon as the next day.

It is required that members visit this forum at least once a week and post at least once a week so that other clanmates will be familiar with you.

A minimum level of 40 is required to join. But please note that having this level does not guarantee acceptance into the clan, nor the lack of it a disqualification. The attitude behind the character is more important.

Characters are limited to two (2) per member. If they wish to add more, a certain fee will be imposed.

Current Members of the clan can recommend players into the clan provided that they understand the consequences of their actions: any wrong action done by the person you referred will affect your standing. eg. if he gets a warning so do you.

Members who are inactive for at least one month and who has not contacted any of the members or officers about their inactivity will be considered for removal from the clan. In case they become active again, they can undergo the usual application process to re-enter the clan.

Full forum access will be granted to the approved applicants one week after approval.

B. In-Game Rules Very Happy

Most basic of all is respect to clan mates and other players. Do not do unto others what you don't want to be done to yourself.

When there is a GP/CP (clan party) and a member looted an item he/she doesn't need, he/she can give it to the one who needs it. If the one who looted the item has a friend, other than the Quad, who need it as well, priority is to give it to the Quad who needs it since it's a CP in the first place. There shall be no selling of those items within the clan

Absolutely no PK'ing unless duly provoked. When a member is attacked he/she is free to defend himself.

No kill stealing

No crude languages/profanity (PG-13) to clanmates & non-clanmates. There are times when there is a need to rant but there is no room for swearing. As Quad, we have to conduct ourselves as such.

Hacking/scamming/use of third party programs are illegal and will not be condoned by the clan.

Harrassment of clanmates will not be tolerated (e.g. ligaw, jokes in bad taste)

Leaving the clan without having discussions with the High Council will mean that he/she has abandoned the clan and will not be accepted again under any circumstance. Those who left the clan for personal reasons but with the desire to return may be considered upon discussion.

Any form of trash talking is definitely not allowed. Let's regard our opponents with respect to show that we are worthy of respect.

Although we encourage giving and extending help to clan members, we also wish members to be self-sufficient. Over dependency is never a good thing. In this regard, we will call a member's attention if we feel they are being too dependent on the clan or other clan members.

In cases where a member's account was stolen (hacked), we reserve the right to verify the member's identity before extending aid. This is just a precaution, because we want to help the member, not the thief.

C. Sanctions affraid

Scammers/hackers/third party program users will be immediately booted out if upon investigation were found guilty. The 7-member High Council reserves the right to make the decision upon these matters and no party will be considered guilty on presumption alone. Thorough investigations will be observed and both parties will be asked to explain/defend themselves.

Any acts done by your pilot will reflect on the user. You are responsible for your pilot. What he/she did is as if you did it yourself.

Third time offenders are kicked out for minor offenses. (if we donüft discipline rule breakers...why do we need rules in the first place?)

III. Heirarchy cyclops

The Quad are led by their King and Queen, a duality of powers, to combine the best of both the masculine and feminine qualities of leadership with support from the High Council or the veteran members of the clan. The High Council, along with the King and Queen, make up the deciding body of the clan: they approve memberships, hold trial/investigation on members accused of wrongdoing, give out sanctions, and all other decisions that might affect the clan.

The Captains are in charge of recruiting members. All potential Quad invited in-game, will however follow the usual membership procedure, that is, to visit the Angels Realm to fill up the standard application form.

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