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Dream Token, Villa Ownership Certificate, History - Illustration Edition--Li Mengbai 531,641 DC West
Bent Brooch---------------------------------------------Du Heng 533,645 DC West
Vol 1 Annals of Geography---------------------------Tailor Hu Fang Bei 522,648 DC West
Vol 2 Annals of States--------------------------------Mo Shang 228,556 Broken
Vol 3 Biography of Xia Feng-------------------------Old Hunter 498,970 Logging
Vol 4 Annals of Customs-----------------------------Vendor Xiao Jin 218,423 Barbarian Village
Vol 5 Annals of the 5 Emperors----------------------tea-picking girl 458,593 Mirror Lake Residence
Vol 6 Annals of Souless-------------------------------Luo Hua 586,564 Orchid Village
Vol 7 Annals of Rites----------------------------------Xu Xiake Orchid Village 586,567
Vol 8 Annals of Sarcifice------------------------------Yi Tianyuan 581,685 DC North
Vol 9 Biography of Archosaur------------------------Xuan Gao 621,724 Allied
Vol 10 Annals of Weapons----------------------------Liu Sheng Wu Yin 655,856 N of Fishing
Vol 11 Annals of Astronomy--------------------------Doom City Castellan 665,968
VOl 12 Annals of Merchants and Money-------------Vendor Chen kai 431,736 trade wind
Vol 13 Annals of the Underworld---------------------HighWind Tribe Recluse 357,787 Burnham Mtn N of High Wind
Vol 14 Annals of Ancient and Modern------------------------Su Muer camp elder 334,827 sumuer camp
Vol 15 Annals of the 5 elements----------------------IronSmith Yan Tiexin 123,590 Sunset
Vol 16 Annals of the Divine Moon--------------------Guard Xong Shii 142,641 Dragon land E of Fei Wei
Vol 17 Annals of the Frosty City----------------------Zhao Ying 284,566 Dragon Slope
Vol 18 Annals of Humor-------------------------------Hong Er 434,458 arrow villa
Vol 19 Annals of Factions-----------------------------Wang Fei 464,339 Tusk Town
Vol 20 Annals of Rules--------------------------------tai xue student 666,369 Dream Port
Vol 21 Annals of the Academic Cirle----------------Pharmacist Wu Rongbo 667,374 dream port
Vol 22 Annals of Weird Stories-----------------------Mr Chen 547,372 Dream Village
Vol 23 Annals of the Longevity Well-----------------------Yin Yang Master 549,376 Dream Village
Vol 24 Annals of the Injured Kylin-------------------Li Xiaoxin 539,415 Grindstone Village
Vol 25 Annals of Paladin------------------------------Old Woman 639,476 Lost Village
Vol 26 Annals of Assassin----------------------------Waiter 640,564 Arcadia
Vol 27 Biography of Feng Potian---------------------Xu Xian 654,550 Dew Mountain SE of arcadia
Vol 28 Annals of Qin Ling-----------------------------Bai Lifeng 664,610 Aroma Hill
Vol 29 Annals of Fairy Demon-----------------------Foreigner 642,614 Aroma Hill
Vol 30 Annals of Foreign Lands----------------------Vendor Qin Xaiole 182,866 Dongping Town E of Universal City


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